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  • 18" per minute. RaspPi3
  • Usual hours in September. 10 am till 1 pm every Saturday.
  • Building complex circuit by hand and soldering everything with jumper wires is very time consuming. We need to be able to finish project in 3 hrs.



Boards are looking good

Team, we had just two people last Saturday, lets take December off.

Week Day Time Comments / Agenda
Saturday, September 3d 10pa - 1 pm Cut LCD PCB with CNC and attempt to assemble LCD

Complete disrespect to mechanized equipment

Ideas for SMPS

You've done this one How about this one
200971584540385.gif mc34063_dcdc_15v.gif

This is switch mode high efficiency regulator you've tried to build last saturday. Congratulations by the way, most of you have successfully built it.

This is STEP UP or BOOST converter. If your dad is a truck driver and wants to charge laptop right off cigaret lighter outlet, then this circuit is the best. For example if you want to charge laptop in the car then the usual way is to convert 12 volts DC into 110 Volts AC, like in outlet, and then laptop's power adapter will drop it down to 19 or 16 volts. So instead of converting it to 110 and losing about 40% of energy and then converting it back to 16 volts and losing yet another 30%, why not to just raise it from 12 to 16 (or 19) right away?

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