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Schedule In December

  • Peter's schedule in December
    • Thursday, Dec 10th - possibly free evening
    • Friday, Dec 11th - family cookie making party
    • Saturday, Dec 12th - family take off to Nevada City, CA for Victorian Christmas. I hate driving on icy roads
    • Sunday, Dec 13th - possibility for test fight after 2nd potok
    • Monday, Dec 14th - in Sunnyvale
    • Tuesday, Dec 15th - in Sunnyvale
    • Wednesday, Dec 16th - in Sunnyvale
    • Thursday, Dec 17th - possibly in Sacramento
    • Friday, Dec 18th - in Sacramento, evening is free for club
    • Saturday, Dec 19th - Sarah's birthday.
    • Christmas Week is, well the Christmas week.
    • Week of December 28th - January 2nd on vacation, can be "THE CLUB TIME 24/7"
  • Club Schedule
    • Post your suggestions below